Corner Sofa Lud  Corner Sofa Lud Sold Out

Corner Sofa Lud


The upholstery offered for the model is coated with Teflon and high quality, washable and waterproof..

Armchair Cuba Armchair Cuba Sold Out

Armchair Cuba


Possibility to change fabric.Available with waterproof fabric in a wide variety of colors. For mor..

Armchair Oasis Armchair Oasis Sold Out

Armchair Oasis


A modern armchair whose strong curves give the body the right posture.Are you interested in the prod..

Bar Stool Bar Stool Sold Out

Bar Stool


BAR indoor stool with ABS seat in white color and chrome base with footrest for foot support. It has..

Bar Stool Black Sold Out

Bar Stool Black


Bar Stool Black 43x51x102cm. stool stable comfortable, indoor with elegant design. Seat and back u..

Bar Stool Black 02 Sold Out

Bar Stool Black 02


BAR wheeled stool with back and shock absorber suitable for long hours of use in design offices / ca..

Bar stool Grey Sold Out

Bar stool Grey


BAR indoor stool with impressive design. Seat and back upholstered in gray PU and chrome base with c..

Bar Stool Krem Sold Out

Bar Stool Krem


Cream Fabric 38x46x105cm. BAR indoor stool with special ergonomic back and seat design. The seat an..

Bar Stool Red Sold Out

Bar Stool Red


BAR indoor stool with special design on the back. ABS seat in red color and chrome base with footres..

Bar Stool White Sold Out

Bar Stool White


BAR wheeled stool with shock absorber suitable for saving space. It has a chrome foot and footrest f..

Bar Stool White 02 Sold Out

Bar Stool White 02


53x53x104cm BAR indoor stool with minimal design. Seat and back made of white-cream PU and chrome b..

Bed Puzzle Sold Out

Bed Puzzle


BED 90/190DESK 90/130 BEDSIDE TABLE 50/40/45WARDROBE-BOOKCASE 90/180/50..

Bed Sunset Sold Out

Bed Sunset


bed 90/190bedside table-2 drawers 50/48/35kids office 2-drawers 100/80/55bookcase 40 cm 40/180/30off..

Bed Tokso Sold Out

Bed Tokso


bed 90/190bedside table -2 drawers 50/48/35kids office 2 drawers 100/80/55bookcase 75 cm 75/180/30of..

Bedroom Bunk Sold Out

Bedroom Bunk


bedside table-2 drawers 50/48/40kids  bed drawer 83/22/94kids office 100/80/55bookcase 75 cm 75..

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